Credit Repair Software – The 5 Best In 2021

To repair your credit, you need to navigate the nuances of credit repair software. A credit repair software program will work on your behalf to collect the information from the three credit bureaus.

America’s consumer credit debt is $14.3 trillion, which is why consumer solutions are needed. Nowadays, the digital age has made it easier for Americans to pay off their debts, improve their credit scores, and avoid credit problems.

Using one of the best credit repair companies is the best option for most people, but others prefer their approach to improve their credit score.

Please be cautious and pay attention if you are this person.

How does Credit Repair Software work?

Consumers use credit repair software to repair their credit as the name suggests. Users of credit repair software can remove negative items from their credit reports. It assesses their “credit health,” and be guided towards repairing their credit issues.

Most credit repair software products promise dramatic results, which most people may not be able to meet. 

We compiled a list of credit repair software programs on the Internet that have been used to help restore credit.

The software for credit repair is not all the same. To avoid getting burned, it is important to read the fine print. 

Here are 5 of the best credit repair software that will help you repair your credit in 2021.

  1. Personal Credit Builder

You can get results with Personal Credit Builder within 30 days, allowing you to make a substantial improvement to your score. This is all true, however, this software could help get you on the right track.

Removing late payments, bankruptcies, charge-offs, collections, repossessions, and foreclosures can be achieved using this software.

 However, if the negative information is legitimate, neither lenders nor credit bureaus will not be legally responsible to get rid of it.

Several software packages can help to reduce credit card payments, loan payments, and other payments for your bills. You generally get a lower rate if you have a higher credit score because lenders will introduce you to them.

Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion will provide your credit report through the software. Several credit bureaus do not report to each creditor. There may be a single or a couple of bureau reports that may show delinquency, but not some of the others.

The software works by generating dispute letters for those negative credit entries found on your credit reports. Certain creditors do not report to all three credit bureaus.

Cost of Personal Credit Builder:

  • Usually, this software costs $400, but it is currently only $199.97.
  1. The Experian Boost

Boost, which is known for being the most famous credit repair service because of its association with Experian, is another great option. They are also the nation’s largest and most reputable credit bureau, and they advertise this product throughout the country, online and on the television.

A leading credit marketing company calls on consumers to raise their FICO Score, the only credit score that banks are permitted to use. According to the company, the average consumer can achieve an increase of their FICO Score of 13 points.

Experian offers credit monitoring and alerts as well as access to the consumer’s Experian credit report.

Credit for phone and utility bills from Experian Boost could potentially up any credit score. The simplest thing you can do is connect your financial institution’s account, and Experian creates a positive credit history for you based on the payments you have made in the past. The only way to do this is to make sure you pay your bills on time by keeping your financial statements up to date with your history of payment.

With Experian Boost, you can improve your credit more by using non-traditional credit references. Most people with little credit as well as non-traditional credit sources benefit the most from this service. The credit score and report increases do not carry over to Equifax and TransUnion credit scores and reports.

Cost of Experian Boost:

  • It doesn’t cost a thing to use Experian Boost. This service offers the best deals on several credit-related programs. It can also help to improve your credit by working with one of the major credit-reporting bureaus.
  1. The TurnScor

With TurnScor, you can fix your credit and offer long-term improvement over a period of time.

Using one’s credit profile, this software identifies items with harmful information and flags them. It then builds and sends what is called challenge letters, which are letters that are sent to the creditors so they can dispute ownership of an account. 

The creditor is required by law to address the challenge letter to you and to include every detail that would prove whether the debt is yours or not. It should be taken off of the credit report if it is not.

Upon receipt of the letters, TurnScor checks credit information that is updated and the updated credit scores so that they can make sure they made the necessary changes.

You can track your progress through your summary grid that compiles your credit entries. You will still have to mail the challenge letters yourself, even though this software does create them for you.

Cost of TurnScor:

  • Their website does not mention how much the software costs. But, if you aren’t satisfied, a 100% money-back guarantee will be provided after you have used the software for 60 days.
  1. The CreditRepair Cloud 

You can turn your knowledge of repairing your credit into a credit repair business that you can run right from your own home no financial investment. 

According to the software’s manufacturer, over 14,000 individuals use this software to run businesses in the credit repair industry.

This program works similarly to other types of software for credit repair, with the exception of the fact that you can put it to use helping other people repair their credit as well. It comes with all of the necessary tools to starting your own successful business in credit repair. 

You can repair credit by using the tools of credit repair used by individuals who have credit repair software. Your income can be controlled by setting your fees.

You can import any credit reports, create credit audits, and write challenge letters using this software. The dashboard also has a dedicated client profile for each client. Automated billing that occurs regularly is also available for clients.

Cost of CreditRepair Cloud

  • The CreditRepair Cloud provides credit repair services. You can choose between four plans depending on how large your business is. The plans range from between $179 to $599 a month. You can get a 30-day access for free on each plan. With CreditRepair Cloud’s $179 plan gives you more than enough bandwidth to support a number of active clients, around 300.
  1. The Credit Detailer

For 15 years, Credit Detailer has been marketed as the easiest to use software for credit repair in the United States. They offer a personal edition for people who want to repair their credit for themselves. They offer a business edition as well for people who want to run a business in credit repair.

Priced at $399.99, you get a license for life to the personal edition. It can repair credit for 2 people as well as the ability to print unlimited items and repair unlimited credit lines. This system allows you to auto-populate credit dispute letters, keep track of where you are, and provide you with educational information to ensure you understand the process.

It works similarly to other types of credit software to correct errors in one’s credit report. The intention is not to remove any negative credit information that is yours, like other credit repair software.

Cost of Credit Detailer

  • A lifetime license for the Professional Edition costs $399, which usually costs $999.99. With unlimited client printing and items on your credit line, it can be used to work with unlimited clients.


This software can certainly improve your credit score; however, results may vary depending on your credit history. People who prefer to work on their own with credit repair would benefit from credit repair software.

To be successful, you will want to work with either a professional or one of the software programs that we reviewed to maximize your success.

If you want to get your credit history back on its feet or are still in the process of building a solid credit report, the best tradeline companies can definitely make this more achievable


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