Buying Furniture With Bad Credit

Unlike many things we buy on a daily basis, furniture is more of a necessity than a luxury that we can procrastinate buying until things get better.

When we’re dealing with issues that stand between us and the furniture we need, such as bad credit, things start to look a bit less promising. Your options gradually decrease the lower your credit score gets.

However, as challenging as it is, it’s not impossible to buy furniture with bad credit. Many homeowners have turned to lease-to-own options to afford a necessity such as furniture. Others have found their best option in unsecured credit cards or personal loans meant for borrowers with bad credit.

If you’re interested in learning more to know the best option for you, continue reading.

10 Best Furniture Financing Options for Bad Credit

Furniture is expensive yet crucial, so everyone may need a little bit of help to buy it from time to time. Fortunately, many furniture stores provide solutions for customers who can’t pay in full right away or have a bad credit history. Here are the most popular stores and what they have to offer.

1. FlexShopper

FlexShopper is a highly popular online rent-to-own furniture company that helps customers who don’t have the cash upfront or good credit own the furniture they dream of. Founded in 2003, the online store offers customers 85,000 products to choose from. Many customers qualify to shop with a spending limit of up to $2,500. 

The requirements are basic and easy to meet: you must be at least 18 years old, raised in the United States but not in New Jersey, Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Wyoming, have a current source of income, have a valid checking account, and have the necessary contact information.

If you pay according to the agreement you picked for a year, whether it’s monthly, twice a month, or weekly, you will own the item.

2. Elgin Furniture

Elgin Furniture is a Cleveland-based furniture store with an online website for a hassle-free experience. Founded in 1949, the company has strived for generations to provide affordable, accommodating solutions to customers, regardless of their credit score.

Even better, you don’t have to make any down payments, which means customers are more financially comfortable in their purchase.

The requirements are straightforward: be 18 years or older, have at least $1,000 of income per month, and have a valid checking account with at least five deposits or withdrawals with no non-sufficient-fund fees 30 days prior.

You can get 90-days free financing on your in-store purchases by opening an in-house account with no minimum purchase. Another way to pay for your purchases is through a store credit card by Synchrony for 6 months of free financing or a 100-day interest-free option by Snap Finance.

3. Bob’s Discount Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture is one of the best furniture stores for people with bad credit or those looking to build credit. The store was founded in 1991, and it has been offering in-store and online financing options for customers all over the country ever since. No down payment is necessary, easing off the upfront burden on many customers.

For your in-store purchase, you can fill an online form to apply for a No Credit Needed lease-to-own option. However, if you prefer to shop online, you choose one from three revolving lines of credit: My Bob’s Card by Wells Fargo, by Fortiva Retail Credit, or by Vive Financial.

My Bob’s Card by Wells Fargo comes with three financing plans. The first plan allows you to pay in full within 30 months for orders of $2,500 or over, the second plan allows you to pay in full within 12 months for orders of $1,200 or more, while the final plan allows you to pay in full within 6 months for orders of $399 or over.

4. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is one of the most well-known furniture stores and manufacturers in the United States. It prides itself on providing customers with the best-quality furniture with the most convenient financing solutions, whether online or in-store, since 1997.

You can get a Synchrony store credit card or pick a lease-to-own plan through Progressive Leasing with no credit. You can get financing for up to 60 months on your online purchases and up to 72 months on your in-store purchases.

5. Luther Sales

Free membership at Luther Sales opens the door for all of your “buy now pay later” furniture financing needs. This company bases the agreement on your income, not your credit score, which is great news for everyone with bad credit.

All that Luther Sales requires of you is a minimum of three months of continuous employment. Even if you have a poor credit score, you can still qualify for membership with a down payment.

With Luther Sales membership, you have three payment options. The payments are automated, which takes the burden of remembering to pay on time off your back. You have up to 36 months to pay, and you can even pay off early without penalty.

Instead of being limited by credit, Luther Sales limits purchases to one room at a time, which caters to most needs anyway. The membership also gets you a free extended furniture warranty.

6. Furniture Mart

Furniture Mart is a great place to look for financing online and in-store purchases. It’s been around since 1976, offering customizable furniture lines at the lowest prices. Furniture Mart stands out by providing solutions to customers with different credit scores.

Furniture Mart offers three financing options. The first option is a Wells Fargo credit card that allows you to pay anywhere between 6 to 72 months, the second option is a Progressive Leasing lease-to-own, and the final option is store layaway with a 25% down payment.

7. Shop Factory Direct

If you’re an online shopper who likes to buy furniture in the comfort of your own home, buying your furniture from Shop Factory Direct is a no-brainer. While most options on the list are furniture stores, Shop Factory Direct is an authorized dealer. 

Its affordable prices are achieved by shipping orders directly from manufacturers and delivering them to the customers.

More importantly, Shop Factory Direct offers financing options that allow customers to pay over 12, 24, or 36 months. You can also pay in full within 6 months with Paypal Credit. In addition, it has a lease-to-own program by Progressive Leasing where you have up to 12 months to pay for the item.

8. New Lots Furniture

If you live in Brooklyn, NY, you’ll love what New Lots Furniture has to offer. For over 15 years, this furniture store has offered payment solutions, either lease or purchase programs, both in-store and online, for customers who can’t qualify for traditional financing. So, customers who have bad credit or no credit can still lease and buy the furniture they need.

The biggest advantage to getting financing from New Lots Furniture is the fact that it offers 8 different solutions for customers who have bad or no credit alone. So, you have a lot of options to choose from according to what you need and can afford to pay.

9. Winner Furniture

Winner Furniture has been providing quality residential furniture to Kentucky and Southern Indiana residents since 1946. More importantly, it offers a variety of payment plans, even for customers who can’t afford a credit check or paying in full right away.

Winner Furniture’s solutions include traditional monthly payments, revolving credit, and in-house no credit needed financing options. The variety and flexibility of options is a dream come true for customers that are typically turned away.

10. Conn’s HomePlus

Conn’s HomePlus is a Texas-based furniture store that has been around for more than 128 years and served over 5 million customers. The store offers three basic solutions: store credit, retail installment contract, or lease-to-own by Progressive Leasing.

Store credit is a great option for customers looking to build credit. You should consider the retail installment contracts or YES MONEY® financing to pay from months to years. Of course, for no credit checks, consider the lease-to-own option.

Alternative Options for Buying Furniture With Bad Credit

Personal Loans

While furniture stores can help many customers with bad credit, there are still other places where you can pay for the furniture you need. Personal loans are a quick and easy way to do so. Here are the best places to apply for a personal loan with bad credit.

1. is one of the most famous online lending platforms in the country. It assists you in connecting with trustworthy lenders for a variety of loans. On, you can borrow money from $500 up to $10,000, with interest rates ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%.

The loan marketplace has the most basic requirements: you must be 18 years old or older, be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, earn at least $1,000 in income, have a valid checking account, have proof of employment for the last 90 days, and have basic contact information.

2. is another one of the most reputable online loan aggregators in the United States. It’s a good place to get a personal loan if you’re not in need of a lot of money but need cash right away, as it allows you to borrow from $100 to $1,000 and interest rates from 200% to 2,290%. Like, it has basic requirements of age, citizenship, and income.

3. MoneyMutual

Another loan aggregator that you have to check out for a short-term loan is MoneyMutual. It’s similar to in allowing you to borrow a small amount of cash, as the loans range from $100 up to $2,500. So, if you need to buy a few furniture pieces, this would be a good place to start.

MoneyMutual has a lot of customers with bad credit, and it only requires $800 as a monthly income.

4. BillsHappen

If you need more loan marketplaces to check out and compare, we recommend BillsHappen.

It allows you to borrow money from $500 to $5,000, which is great news for anyone who wants to buy a decent amount of furniture. 

It helps customers with different credit scores, even those with bad credit. Also, it has basic requirements that adult American citizens with a source of income can meet.

Credit Cards

1. Total Visa Card

Total Visa Card is a great option that doesn’t require a perfect credit score for approval. It reports monthly to all three major credit bureaus to improve your credit score. 

It initially offers a limit of $300, which can be helpful if you don’t need much but still need help buying your furniture. Even if it isn’t enough, the limit rises as you make timely payments. Keep its fees in mind, including an $89 program fee, $75 annual fee for the first year, and $48 for the subsequent years.

2. Surge Mastercard

Surge Mastercard by Continental Finance reviews your credit score for free and reports monthly to all three major credit bureaus to improve your credit score.

It initially offers a range from $300 to $1,000, and the limit increases after 6 months of timely payments, allowing you to finance more and more furniture. 

As with every credit card, you should take the annual fees, monthly fees, and interest rates into consideration before you apply.

3. Credit One Bank Platinum Visa Card

Credit One Bank Platinum Visa Card is a popular option for people with bad credit. It also reports to all three major credit bureaus, which is a great and quick way to help you fix your score if you make timely payments.

It stands out by offering a rewards program that gives you 1% cashback on gas and groceries as well as monthly mobile phone, internet, cable, and satellite TV services. Keep in mind that its annual fees start at $75 in the first year and increase to $99 annually.

What to Consider When Buying Furniture With Bad Credit

Watch Out for Fees

Whether you take out a loan, get an unsecured credit card, or get lease-to-buy furniture, you should always carefully examine the agreement. Look for any hidden fees, interests, and what you’re paying for besides the item itself. Doing so will prevent any future nasty surprises that many have got due to not reading what’s between the lines.

Only Rent-to-Own What You Absolutely Need

Renting-to-own furniture is considered an absolute last-resort choice. So, only rent what you absolutely need and cannot afford to pay for in one payment. Renting-to-own isn’t the option that we recommend for the latest, most expensive electronics or any unnecessary items.

Don’t get tempted to lease extra items when you’re going to the store to get only one or two. Stay focused to have what you actually need and keep out of trouble.

Think of the Full Price

One of the ways many homeowners get the worst deals is that they only think of the numbers they’ll pay at the moment, not the full price. Since the item to lease is paid for through monthly payments, the numbers to pay a month don’t sound too bad. However, you should always take into account what you’ll pay in total to make an informed decision.

Fewer Payments = Less to Pay

If huge numbers scare you, chances are you’ll divide the lease into as many monthly payments as possible so that it can look affordable. Interestingly enough, doing so can get you to pay way more than the item’s worth. It can reach as high as double or triple the price.

You should pay as few payments as possible to get the best deal, keeping in mind what you can afford to pay monthly, of course. While the bigger monthly numbers seem more intimidating, the total price that you’ll pay in the end won’t be as high as it’d be with a high number of payments.

Store Cards Have High-Interest Rates

When you have bad credit, buying furniture with your credit card is out of the question. So, store cards are where you go. However, you should keep in mind that these cards tend to have higher interest rates than if you use your own credit card to pay for the same thing, almost twice the rate.

Pay on Time to Avoid Deferred Interest

Furniture stores offer furniture financing, which is great news for anyone with bad credit. However, they often charge deferred interests if you fail to pay the full price before the deadline, turning an enticing interest-free loan into a high-interest one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Furniture With Bad Credit?

Yes. While it’s more challenging to purchase furniture when you have bad credit, it’s still possible. You can get reasonably priced lease-to-own furniture, get a store credit card, get an unsecured credit card, take out a personal loan, or borrow from friends and family.

Is Rent-to-own Furniture Worth It?

It is worth it if you’re sure that you can afford it on the terms you agree on. It can be the handiest way to get furniture when you have no credit history or bad credit. However, you have to pay everything on time and calculate the total price before you agree to anything to avoid any surprises.

What Furniture Store Does Not Check Credit?

There are many furniture stores that don’t check credit to finance your purchase. Some of the most famous ones are Ashley Furniture, Bob’s Discount Furniture, FlexShopper, Furniture Mart, New Lots Furniture, and Luther Sales.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, buying furniture with bad credit is quite doable. There are a variety of options to choose from with different budgets, locations, and platforms.

If you have your eyes on furniture from a certain store, such as FlexShooper, Elgin Furniture, or Bob’s Discount Furniture, consider their financing plans, lease-to-own contracts, and store credit.

Another place to look would be online lending marketplaces, such as,, and MoneyMutual. They’re great if you need instant cash, even with bad credit.

Finally, you can always get an unsecured credit card, such as the Total Visa Card and the Surge Mastercard, to get the furniture of your dreams even with a poor or no credit history.