Cerulean Mastercard Reviews

With the exponentially increasing numbers of banking services and cards, it’s really hard to decide on one that will suit you. Each card and each bank offer a plethora of benefits for their cardholders, and they require certain fees as well. 

Nevertheless, everything is easy and simple whenever you have a good credit score that you can lean on. You’re confident, and you can apply for any credit or debit card that you might want. What about those who have been unlucky with their scores and need a little bit of help? 

There are certain cards designed for them. In a nutshell, these cords help regulate their spendings through a bunch of restrictions.

In our Cerulean Mastercard Review, we’re going to shed light on its pros and cons so you can decide whether it’s the right choice for you.

Why Go for a Cerulean Mastercard?

The very first question you should ask yourself is why should you go through the trouble that comes with a Cerulean Mastercard, rather than going for a simpler card with fewer regulations, requirements, and a lower interest rate.

The thing is, the Cerulean Mastercard isn’t designed for everyone. Instead, it targets a specific audience that needs these regulations and isn’t exactly eligible for other cards. This audience includes people with a bad credit score, more specifically, people with a low credit score that they want to improve.

In other words, if you’ve been through bad credit, delayed payments, way too much credit to pay, etc., then the Cerulean Mastercard will help you through its rules to build up your score. That way, it won’t affect your future.

How to Get a Cerulean Mastercard?

The Cerulean Mastercard isn’t available for everyone; hence, it’s an invitation-only card. When Cerulean finds that you’re eligible for this card, they’ll send you an invitation with the reservation number inside of it. 

You’ll go to the website and enter the reservation number and your Social Security number to apply for the card.

Information Needed

Cerulean Mastercard requires even more information to go through with your application. So, you need to provide your: 

  • Full name 
  • Date of birth 
  • Estimated gross monthly income 
  • Physical address
  • Social Security number

After that, you’ll wait for a reply to be sent to you from Cerulean. Now, this reply can be instant, and it can take up to 30 days according to each specific case. Don’t worry if you don’t receive an instant response.


With any type of card, credit, or debit, there will be a few fees that you’d have to pay, either one time or repetitively. Those fees are critical and must be factored in carefully, as they might seem insignificant individually. 

Yet, when added together, they snowball into a hefty sum of money. That is bound to affect your account/wallet significantly. Let’s talk about the fees that come with the Cerulean Mastercard in detail.

Annual Fee

Primarily, we’ve got the annual fee of having and using the card. That alone adds up to $99, so 100 bucks, which is awfully a lot for so many people. Keep in mind that there are so many cards with annual fees around the 10th of this number.

Authorized User Card

Let’s say that you’ve got a relation or friend that you want to add to this card. The price you have to pay for that is $30, which is, again, a lot of money compared to other cards.

Cash Advance

Having the cash advance service is essential nowadays. Whenever you’re walking around, you don’t want to be carrying too much cash. Still, it’s inevitable that you’ll need it for an emergency or any situation, and that’s where cash advance comes into play.

This service allows you to withdraw money from any ATM around you. Nonetheless, since it’s a service provided by Cerulean, they must charge you for it. This cost will be either $5 or 5%, depending on the amount of money you have in your account and which some would end up being bigger.

An important note is that this specific fee is canceled for the first 12 months of your subscription. Subsequently, you’ll only be charged the $5 or 5% starting your second year. Another equally important notice is that cash advance is not allowed for the first 95 days. Hence, you can use the cash advance for free for 270 days only.

Late Payment

Late payments are definitely something that you want to avoid with the Cerulean Mastercard. Not only because of the fee that you’ll end up paying, which can go up to $40 but because it beats the object. When you apply for the Cerulean Mastercard to improve your credit score, being late on payments will only contradict that aim.

Returned Payment

The same applies to returned payments. When your card is out of credit or your funds are insufficient to cover your purchases, you’ll be facing a fee of $40, in addition to the risk of worsening your credit score rather than improving it.

Transaction Fee

The Cerulean Mastercard is widely accepted throughout the USA. It’s, in the end, a MasterCard. Nevertheless, if you travel outside the USA and try to use your card, a 3% fee will be charged to your account. 

Another important notice is that, just like the cash advance fee, you’ll be exempted from the transaction fee for the first 12 months. Only starting your second year will you be charged 3% per transaction.


The Cerulean Mastercard has a lot of rules and can come off as suffocating to some people. Fortunately, this card has a few tricks up its sleeve, which makes it into a desirable choice for some people.

No Monthly Fees

One great thing about the Cerulean Mastercard would have to be the absence of recurrent monthly fees. 

Mostly, these fees are small, yet, at the end of every year, they add up to a sum of money that you could’ve efficiently invested elsewhere. Moreover, since they’re already deducting an annual fee, a monthly fee is illogical at best.

No Security Deposit

Another great attribute must be the absence of security deposits. Consequently, you don’t have to pay extra cash and not know where it’ll end up. It’s also a great relief for those who want to start a new page but have very little to do that with.

Initial $750 Credit

Trying to build up your financial scores from the bottom is definitely a tiresome task. That’s why Cerulean is trying to help you as much as possible by offering a  minimum of $750 in credit. It all depends on your application and how capable the employees find you to be.

Free Online Banking 24/7

Online banking is now as important as offline banking. Everything is available through a few touches on your smartphone, and you can say goodbye to the long lines at the bank. As a result, every banking process has lost so much of its complexity. 

Free Monthly Statement

Another aspect of online banking is receiving monthly statements, and what is great about those statements is that they’re totally free. You simply sign up for the service, and voila! You’ll be receiving monthly financial statements to let you know how your month has passed.

Reports to Three Credit Bureaus 

When you’re doing so well on your credit scores, paying on time, limiting your purchases, and all of that, your credit score is bound to rise. 

The thing is, Cerulean Mastercard doesn’t only follow your transactions; but also reports back to the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. As a result, they’re aware of your situation, and as your credit score continues to rise, your life will be a lot easier. 

Broad Acceptance 

Whether or not you get accepted for a Cerulean Mastercard is totally dependent on the company. You’ll see later on how many reviews mention that they expected to be approved and weren’t, and vice versa. 

Hence, don’t let anything put you down. Even if you feel like your scores aren’t enough, even for the Cerulean Mastercard, just apply. You’ll lose nothing. There are definitely people with lower scores than you, and they got accepted.

Increased Credit After Six Months

Last but certainly not least, the Cerulean Mastercard clients have the chance of increasing their limit after every six months. This is a great thing to do as it dramatically boosts the client’s confidence and allows them to see tangible evidence of their efforts. 


On the other side of the spectrum, there are still many aspects to take into consideration before you decide on the Cerulean Mastercard. Let us discuss them with you.

Maximum Credit of $2000

Now, we’ve previously spoken about the minimum credit, which is $750. As for the maximum, you can reach up to $2000, which can be too little for any big transaction that you might need to make. So, this card isn’t for big-ticket purchases.

Too Many Fees

As you have seen at the beginning of the article, there was a list of fees that you’ve got to mind whenever you start thinking about the Cerulean Mastercard. 

That includes the annual fee, transaction fee, etc. Each fee on its own might feel insignificant; nevertheless, we combine together, and they create a hefty sum of money that you’ll be forced to deal with every single year.

No Rewards

Unlike tons of other cards, the Cerulean Mastercard has no rewards program of any shape or form. It has no affiliations with any stores or services that will help make your life easier.

This, unfortunately, might be a major letdown for so many people, as these rewards programs can represent a way of saving/making money indirectly.


One of the most annoying things regarding the Cerulean Mastercard would have to be the fact that you can’t just apply for one. That’s not how it works; this card is invitation-only. So, you must receive an invitation with the reservation number, then you continue on from there, which must be irritating.

Unexpected Acceptances and Denials

As we’ve said before, the Cerulean Mastercard has a very broad acceptance range. You’ll find people with universally different credit scores being accepted and denied for reasons completely unknown to yourself.

You might be accepted, while your friend, who has a better credit score than you, is denied. Nobody really knows the inner workings of Cerulean; but, so many people have been surprised by their decisions.

Card Transfers

There is nothing in the supplied information regarding the Cerulean Mastercard account which relates to balance transfers. In other words, this specific account doesn’t really offer them, which could be due to the fact that the maximum credit limit is $2000, so there’s not much to transfer in between accounts. 


Now, we’ll get on to some actual reviews from people who received the invitation for this card, applied for it, and either got accepted or declined. Plus, we’ll feature snippets from their own words.

  • ‘’First things first, customer service is excellent with the Cerulean Mastercard. All of the employees are efficient, practical, and incredibly polite when it comes to solving all sorts of problems’’. 
  • ‘’I was given a start point of $1000, which was an incredible surprise! Additionally, my credit maximum was increased to $1500 after only seven months. There are so many reasons to love this card, and unsurprisingly, my credit score has gone up to 610 now thanks to the Cerulean Mastercard’’.
  • ‘’To me, the entire process was straightforward. I had a credit score of 609 and was approved for the minimum credit maximum, which is $750. I heard that a lot of applicants had been refused, and I have no idea why!’’
  • ‘’Very unhappy with my experience, as I have a credit score of 652. As a result. I applied without thinking much of it, and to my surprise, I was denied. Apparently, you’ve got to wait till your approval odds are excellent to apply’’.
  • ‘’I had a credit score of 607; consequently, I received fair approval odds before I applied. Nevertheless, I took the chance and was approved with a minimal $750 credit limit’’.
  • ‘’To be honest, the Cerulean Mastercard was recommended to me by the Experian site, which I use to compare cards all the time. Moreover, I had fair odds for the card; hence, I applied for it and was approved for $750 of credit. Thankfully, my credit score is rising, slow and steady wins the race. I am ecstatic about it, as this is opening so many opportunities that were firmly closed to me before’’.

Cerulean Mastercard and APR

The APR, annual percentage rate of the Cerulean Mastercard, reaches a staggering 25.9%. This might very well change along with the fluctuations of the market. Still, this is the number that we’ve got to deal with today.

As a result, clients must know that the Cerulean Mastercard doesn’t offer an introductory APR for any circumstances, not for new purchases, nor for first-time owners of the card. The 25.9% is the interest that you’ll pay under any circumstances. 

It’s also totally unbothered by balance transfers. As we’ve said before, the card doesn’t involve them, and we believe that even if it did, introductory APRs wouldn’t have been a part of the package.

Final Thoughts

This will be a wrap on our article “Cerulean Mastercard Reviews”. We hope that you now understand all of the circumstances surrounding this unique MasterCard. One must know that it’s not for everyone as it does come with an impressive number of restrictions and without several benefits that other cards easily enjoy. 

At the end of the day, do your research well, know what you want, what you don’t want, what your credit score is, and where you want to take it, and act accordingly.

Lastly, don’t be afraid if your credit score is too low, as anyone is capable of improving that number by making better decisions every day. That’s precisely what the Cerulean Mastercard supports and encourages.