Surge Mastercard Review

Surge Mastercard Review

The Surge Mastercard® is an unsecured credit card available to consumers with substandard credit. Consumers with substandard credit applications are considered by Celtic Bank, the card’s issuer. Contrary to most subprime credit cards, no upfront guarantee of payment is required to be completed. 

You will receive your payment history to all three credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Cardholders can build credit with responsible use this way.

This card can help you build credit, but it may also charge a high annual fee. You may be required to pay a high annual fee depending on your credit score. 

Besides the high annual fee, the card has a monthly fee starting the second year of your membership. Any authorized users, cash advances, and foreign transaction fees are also subject to extra fees. To boost your credit when you have these unattractive charges, it should be considered your last resort.

Can the Surge Mastercard be used by anyone?

The Surge Mastercard’s fees and interest make it a last resort card. All major credit bureaus report on the card’s servicer, making it a great way to build credit. 

Before choosing a credit card, shop around regardless of your credit score. Confirm the interest rates, fees, and benefits of each card with side-by-side comparisons. 

If you make on-time payments on your Surge Mastercard, you can improve your credit score. One way to get a good credit score is to get a Surge Mastercard until your score is good enough, then apply for an upgraded credit card. 

What is the best way to use the Surge Credit Card?

Since the Surge Mastercard’s fees and interest rate are quite high, it is most appropriate for people with no credit history or low credit scores. This is for people who need a credit-builder card as they start building their money. 

You can rebuild or build your credit with Continental Finance’s Surge credit card by making small payments regularly. Continental Finance’s credit reporting policy will automatically give you credit for any on-time payments incurred in the month.


You report to each of the credit bureaus

Getting payments in on time each month and rebuilding credit will help you improve your credit score. All three credit bureaus receive credit report information on Continental Finance. 

Possibility of an unsecured card

Depending on your credit, you may be eligible for an unsecured card.

It’s okay if you have bad credit 

The company specializes in providing credit to borrowers with bad credit. Having a low credit score should not hinder your ability to find financing. You may want to rethink adding this card to your wallet, though, because of its high fees. 

The credit limit is high  

The maximum credit limit you can get ranges from $500 to $750, depending on your credit score, so not everyone can qualify. 


An annual fee is required

Getting a Surge Mastercard can be pricey. In your first year, the annual fee is $125 and $96 the following year.

Maintenance fees are paid monthly

For the first year, the monthly maintenance fee is zero, and then it increases to $10 a month in the second year. 

Additional fees

There are also annual and monthly fees for the Surge Mastercard in addition to a $30 authorization fee for each authorized user and up to $40 late or returned payments. Users can also expect an additional 3% foreign transaction fee on worldwide purchases.

High Annual Percentage Rate

There’s an interest rate on the Surge Mastercard of 29.90%, which is higher than many cards available to those with a low credit score. 

Security deposits may be required 

In some cases, you may have to pay a security deposit, depending on your creditworthiness.

There are no rewards

There are many subprime credit cards out there that offer rewards programs, though it may not be the best option if you care about rewards.

Surge Mastercard’s application process

The Surge Mastercard can be applied for in a few ways – over the telephone, through the postal service, or online.

Those who are pre-qualified can call 1-866-513-4598 to request a card. If you received an offer by mail, please return the form and request a card. 

Here are the three easy steps to apply for a card online:

  1. Visit the Continental Financial website

Choose Surge Mastercard from the list of available cards on the Continental website. Apply now by clicking “apply now.” 

  1. Submit your application

When you click on the link, you’ll be taken directly to the application page, where you’ll be prompted to input your financial and income information. Upon receiving your application, Continental Finance will evaluate your qualifications for the Surge Mastercard or any of their other cards. 

  1. A decision should be reached soon 

A decision is provided immediately by Continental Finance for some applicants. However, a decision may take up to 30 business days for others.

Alternatives to Surge Mastercard

Here are three alternatives that might be better suited if you’re put off by the high-interest rate and fees associated with the Surge card. 

  1. The Indigo Platinum Mastercard

If you prefer an unsecured credit card, which accepts applicants with bad credit then this card is for you. However, it is subject to an interest rate of 24.90% and the possibility of an annual fee. 

A person’s creditworthiness determines whether they pay an annual fee of $0, $59, or $99. Those who are approved for a $99 fee pay $75 for the first year. 

  1. The OpenSky Secured Visa

With the OpenSky Secured Visa, you do not have to submit your credit file because there is no credit check, so it’s perfect for people with bad credit or no credit history. The APR on this card (17.39% ) is unbeatable at $35 a year. 

To proceed, a $200 deposit is required if the qualifications are met. The security deposit can be increased to up to $3,000 if you wish to pay a higher credit limit. 

In the drawback, the credit card cannot be upgraded to an unsecured card in the future, nor can the annual fee be waived if your credit score improves. 

  1. The Capital One Secured Mastercard 

Capital One Secured Mastercard does not have an annual fee and the interest rate is 26.99%. The card also lets you put a $50, $99, or $200 security deposit on it, allowing you to pay according to your finances. 

In addition to this, paying your bill on time may also give you access to a higher credit limit. After five months, Capital One will examine your account to determine whether to offer you a higher credit limit. 


The Surge Mastercard is available to some consumers without them having to pay an initial deposit. They will still be required to pay hundreds of dollars in fees by being a cardholder. They’re not refundable, unlike secured cards. 

Secured credit cards without annual and monthly fees, for example, maybe a good alternative for credit card users. With these cards, you will enjoy all of the credit-building features of the Surge Mastercard without being penalized with high fees. 

A Secured MasterCard may be a good option for you if you have bad credit and need another credit option. You don’t have to pay an annual fee, and you’ll get your credit limit up to $200 when you deposit $49, $99, or $200, depending on your creditworthiness. Once you make your first six on-time payments, you may be eligible for a higher credit limit without paying extra security deposits.